Here at The Know, we are always in The Know about whats going on around Jacksonville, FL: markets to concerts, new openings to re-locations. We are always focused on being aware of what is happening before it happens to ensure that you are able to keep with the rapidly evolving Jacksonville.

The Team

The Man in the KNOW

Leland Newhaller

As co-Founder and CEO of The KNOW, Leland is a proud resident of Jacksonville, FL and is focused on making the largest city by land mass one of the tightest communities around. He has spent time working with local legislation on facilitating development in struggling areas of Jacksonville while staying focused on expanding with Aldi throughout the area. Having family from Jacksonville, including his mother who grew up at the beaches in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, he has a personal interest in making Jacksonville known for what we already know it as: the greatest city in the US!

The Woman in the KNOW

Emily Benko

As co-founder and COO of The KNOW, Emily has an extensive background in media, design, and event planning. She has a personality that lights up a room and leaves a lasting impact. Currently residing between London and Tampa, FL Emily’s unique ability to recognize trends and optimize communication makes the KNOW into what you see today: a consolidated location to find out what makes our city so great. Emily’s passion to provide everyone with the perfect plan is what drives The KNOW to bring you the most up to date information daily.